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September 18, 2007
New additions!
New minerals added. See our Minerals section clicking here


To make an order, send me an e-mail to

I'll check it, prepare your parcel and tell you the final amount. Specimens will be reserved on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

Note: All the prices are in American Dollars U$S.


All the specimens must be paid for in advance by PAYPAL at, and check drawn on U.S bank.

Once you confirm the order, I'll keep your order for 15 days until I receive payment and then I'll send your box. Please, don't send the check until I confirm your order.

Returning specimens

If for any reason you are not satisfied any specimen, you may return it within 10 days of receipt.

I'll either keep the credit for exchange for any other specimen, or give a refund (discounting the shipping charges).

Shipping & Handling

Shipping charges $15/Kg, minimun $10.


Well, this is the part that buyers like more!!!.
For orders from $200 to $500 5%
For orders from $501 to $1000 10%
For orders from $1001 to $2500 15%
For orders from $2501 to $10000 20%
For orders over $10000 25%

Some mineral specimens are available in lots of 10 or more. In those specimens discounts from 25% to 50% could be done. Please tell me if you would like a lot of any of the samples.

Want to exchange specimens?

I like to exchange very much!!
Usually the exchange minerals are for my collection, so my interests are:
Minerals: Only rare species, especially with well terminated crystals. Sizes from MM to Small Cabinet.
Meteorites: I'm mostly interested in rare Falls".

So when ordering, just tell me what do you have and an idea of prices and I'll tel you if a partial or total exchange can be done.