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September 18, 2007
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Meteorite Kit

Students have a special interest in meteorites and impacts. Their study covers subjects as different as Geography, History, Dinosaurs, Origin of Life, Paleontology, and of course Space, Planets, Stars, Comets, Asteroids.
There is no age limit. To touch a piece of the space is amazing for anyone. Just think what can you do with your own specimens and the 30 for your students.
The guide have the answers for several questions and different topics that your students will love: What are the meteorites, where do they came from, Moon meteorites and Mars meteorites (why we know they are from there), History of great meteorites, Classes of meteorites, Crater experiments, Relationship with Origin of life and Extinction of Dinosaurs, and references to great sites and books. Do you know what does the fossils found at the Bottom of the Arizona Crater tell us? Why some scientist thing that life came from space?,Which meteorite helped to win a war?, Will we be killed like the dinosaurs?, Are the tektites meteorites?.
All the meteorites included are original and came with labels telling the name, classification, find date and place.
The 33 specimens are sent in individual plastic boxes as shown on the photos (the boxes for the teachers may differ depending on the size the specimens).

Meteorite Kit

Your lot will be similar to this one

Included in the kit you will find:

For the teacher

  • 1 Iron meteorite (we will put Henbury or other stable iron, not one that will rust in a short time)
  • 1 Stony meteorite (slice)
  • 1 Tektite
  • 1 teachers guide for meteorites.

For the students

  • 10 Iron meteorites (individual, slices or fragments) (also stable meteorites so they will not dissapear in a few months)
  • 10 stony meteorites (individuals, slices or fragments)
  • 10 Tektites (fragments)

 Price: $60.00

Additional student lot of 1 Iron, plus 1 Stony plus 1 Tektite: $4. (each lot)
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